My favourite Samoan word

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SASA. That was the first Samoan word that came to mind when asked the question, “What is your favorite Samoan word?”

ATUA, was the second.

Shouldn’t I have thought of GOD first?

Apparently, I need to be disciplined first, to understand the importance of God in my life. Or at least that’s what my twin deduced from my choice of words. I half way believe her logic.

I reckon if you take the time to think about all the Samoan words you know and use on the daily, you’d have a long list as well just because of their meaning and the frequency of use.

I asked my Samoanglish speaking son to tell me his favorite Samoan word and without hesitation he answered, “Tamā” (father)… it touched me so much because of how he said it, the sincerity of his voice.

SASA …. The first word I remember being told with such firmness and love at the same time, it will forever be that revolving word with a definition known only when spoken out loud.

“Sasa oe?” says mama with a smirk on her face to mean she’s giving you one chance to not do the wrong thing, or else she’ll take action.

“Sasa!” yells Misi at his dog dry humping a stranger’s leg.

“E sasa?” asks papa playfully as he pulls Mele down from trying to climb up an unsteady chair.

“Fia sasa?” threatened Siu to his little sister who refused to listen when told to stop spitting at him.

“Sasa gei oe” teases Sila as he runs after his little brother trying to get him to go shower before bed.

“Sasa” mocks the mala as he shoots a mischievous look at Sefa for inciting a conversation that will most likely end in favour of the mala.

“Sasa ou fela!” promises mama with such a look, if it could kill, you’d already be dead.

As you can see… SASA takes on a meaning only the person saying it could define with the look on their face and the intention in their voice.


[Sasa = a light smack]

What’s your favourite word in your language?

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