Welcome to Manaui: The People of Oceania.

We’re your digital home for all things Oceania, and Oceania refers to the people of:

  • Polynesia
  • Micronesia
  • Melanesia
  • Papua New Guinea, &
  • Aboriginal Australia

That’s a lot of people, yeah?

But we’re united by a history of migration across the vast Pacific Ocean… and a lot of shared ancestors, too. You’ll see that in our languages, our values, our skills and crafts, our customs, performing arts, and just the general way that we do things.

We’re not all the same, though. Of course.

Manaui: The People Oceania is about exploring and celebrating not just our similarities, but the differences that make each of our cultures unique.

So what does that mean?

If you’re a descendant of the Pacific just trying to connect with your culture, come to Manaui to read stories about your people, learn a bit of your history and maybe even meet a long lost relative in the comments.

If you’ve always wanted to holiday in a tropical Pacific paradise (but don’t want to travel like a tourist) come learn tips, phrases and customs that will help you blend in with the locals.

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Hope you enjoy hanging out with Manaui: The People of Oceania.