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How to Make a Tongan Candy Lei

Beautifully woven Tongan candy lei are often a highlight of graduations, birthdays, weddings and other celebrations. Learn how to make them for your next special occasion.
Total Time 45 minutes
Author Cosmo-Teine


  • 1 Bag of lollies enough to make desired amount of leis you want
  • 1 Roll of ribbon
  • 1 Roll of string/thin ropes
  • A pair of scissor
  • Ingenuity
  • Smile
  • Firm grip or hold, muscles


  1. Cut and measure 3 x strings for the length of your lei

  2. Plait/braid the 3 strings a couple of times and tie a knot at the end.
  3. Start braiding then add a single lolly to the braid, space with a few braids then add another lolly

  4. Keep going until you have completed the entire single row, making sure to face the lollies all on one side or alternate, as you wish. 

  5. When the first single row is done (according to the length you desire), then make a knot so the lollies do not slip off. When completed, all lollies should be firmly braided into the 3 strands of string.

  6. Then start at the bottom of the lollies and do the same thing as before, plaiting/braiding lollies into the strings and all the way until the bottom is completed.

  7. Lollies should be neatly plaited/braided on both ends, leaving a beautiful row of lollies.

  8. Measure and cut your ribbons - these will decorate/enhance the braided strand of lollies

  9. Tie the ribbons between the lollies and let the ribbons hang

  10. Use your scissors to curl your ribbons
  11. Curls all the ribbons hanging from the lei, smooth and make them hang properly