How would you spell the name of this dish?

Please help us solve a spelling problem. We’re putting together a recipe post for this popular (and yuuummmm!) potato salad, but people say its name in different ways, so we’re not sure how to spell it.

Is it mayonnaise? Or minus?

Tell us what you think (below) and we’ll go with whatever the majority says.

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Kia Orana! Born in Rarotonga with Scottish and Tahitian roots, I'm an island girl at heart that can't swim. I'm definitely a better makeup artist than I am a writer, but I'm excited to share some of my beauty and island experiences with you.

8 thoughts on “How would you spell the name of this dish?

  1. It used to infuriate my Mum every time she came across the misspelling or mispronunciation of our mayonnaise and it spelt with 2 nn not one. Some people call it minis or minese. Please stop it!! When The Kuki Airani Tangata speak. The dialect is fast so maybe people misunderstand. My grandmother who was Tahitian/Manihikian told me the mayonnaise originally came from the influence of the Tahitians. She said the mayonnaise is referring to the dressing made from egg yolks & oil to a creamy beautiful consistency & the beetroot was to make it look beautiful too,She also said its much nicer when you make the dressing from scratch, thats love!! Our fifth generation are now making the mayonnaise from scratch. This is why it’s important that its spelled & pronounced correctly.

    1. I’m not from the Cook Islands, but ‘mayonnaise’ makes sense to me, too. I wish more people voted that way above 🙂

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