Easy As Bread – and my gastronomy bucket list

I watch so much Food TV that words like ‘risotto’ and ‘white truffles’ and ‘saffron flower’ roll out of my mouth like I know what they taste like. I don’t. Not really. I think I had risotto once from a $30-a-meal Italian place in Mission Bay, ages ago, but then Mario Batali or Rick Stein or someone similar talks about how the perfect risotto rice might not be Arborio after all, and I’m like, well. I wouldn’t know. Not from my one risotto way back when that may or may not have contained Arborio.

So now I have a new mission. If you’ve been following along, my other mission this year was to be more conscientious about the ingredients in my food, you know, like sneaking whole wheat flour into my baking and cutting down on sugar, that sort of thing. The endeavor is attached to the renewal of my perennial resolution to get healthy (again) and keep the people around me healthy, too. I’m still working on that one. Slowly.

But I have a feeling this new mission won’t be nearly as complicated¬†to accomplish.

Whole wheat & white

Basically, I’m making a list of all the dishes I’ve heard of that fascinate me, and then I’m going to taste them… and if they’re as amazing as the TV chefs say they are, I’m going to figure out how to make them. Simple.

Here’s what I’ve been fantasizing about so far: